Amazing Science Week

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break. I have enjoyed the time to reflect on a busy Spring Term.

One of the main highlights of the term for me was our Science Week. As any pupil who has ever been taught by me will know, I always repeat the message that ‘science is everywhere and is the most important subject because of this.’ You cannot study a game of rugby without using a knowledge of forces. You cannot understand the history of medicine without using your knowledge of chemistry, and you cannot learn a musical instrument without applying a knowledge of the physics of sound. It is no longer just a subject studied by white men in lab coats. ‘Science is everywhere, all the time: it’s about materials, living things, and physical processes.’ – Mary Myatt (education adviser, writer, and speaker). Although pupils at Heywood are privileged to have two science lessons a week, we are always looking for ways to extend their scientific experiences.

Knowing that it was the 30th anniversary of British Science Week, we were determined to ensure that Heywood did not overlook this significant annual event.

Ever since starting at Heywood, I have been amazed by how proactive, energetic, and excited our parent body is. When we decided to put a note in the newsletter asking for any parent volunteers who would be willing to give up their time to come and talk to our pupils, I was blown away by the enormous number of enthusiastic parents who wanted to come and share their passion for science with our children. This resulted in the most inspiring science week. The clear message from all scientists was that science is fun, beautiful, and for everyone.

Our week was kick-started by Dr Sinclair, a psychiatrist who had Year 6 captivated with lots of hands-on experiments about how to keep our brains healthy. Mr Rowley spoke to Year 5 about AI and his work with Microsoft. Mr Hardisty demonstrated how Year 5 could use AI to create stories.

On Tuesday, Mrs Brinn, a public health consultant, had Year 3 enthralled as she engaged them in explaining infection prevention and basic epidemiology. Dr Herbert amazed Years 4 and 5 by explaining Ice Pigging and its uses in manufacturing. Reception had a wonderful afternoon learning how to care for our pets (and trying on the outfits) led by Mrs Herbert, an experienced vet.

On Thursday, Year 5 experienced an amazing afternoon tasting and creating smoothies led by Mrs Whitby, a nutritionist working for Innocent Smoothies. Years 1 and 2 learnt all about the work of a GP from Dr Smith, and Year 6 trialled laparoscopic surgery with Dr Kallaway, a consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon. Dr Thompson, a local vet, brought our week to a close by giving Year 5 an overview of his job and explaining many of the links between human biology and animal biology.

One cannot underestimate the value and impact that listening to professional scientists enthuse about the value of science in their interesting careers has on our young people. We know that most of our pupils at Heywood Prep will have exciting careers in science in jobs that do not even exist at the moment. Our task is to prepare them for these careers and instil a love of science from an early age. We are all extremely grateful for all the support from our scientists. You are living proof of what we are trying to teach!

Hilary West, Year 5 Form Tutor and Head of Science