We have many policies to ensure the very best care for our children. On this page you will find downloadable copies of many of our key policies.

If you cannot find a particular policy, please contact the School Office who will provide you with a copy. Additionally, the School Office will provide you with paper copies of any of the policies listed below.

If parents have a safeguarding concern relating to a child, they should contact our Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mrs Anna Lawrence (anna.lawrence@heywoodprep.com).

If parents have a safeguarding concern relating to an adult, they should contact the Headmistress, Mrs Rebecca Mitchell (head@heywoodprep.com).

Admissions Policy

Complaints Procedure

Equal Opportunities Policy

Fire Policy

First Aid Policy

Missing Child Policy

Recruitment Policy

School Accessibility Plan

Supervision policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Safeguarding Policy

SENDA Policy

Staff Code of Conduct 

Risk Assessment Policy 

Health and Safety Policy 

SMSC Policy 

ICT Policy 

Taking, Using and Storing Images of Children Policy