Heywood Prep, Corsham

Wrap Around Care

The clubs and activities at Heywood Prep are designed to feed our children’s curiosity, encouraging them to explore new things, support their interests, improve their skills and discover more!

Clubs run  during lunch break and after school, and range from sport including Fencing and Hockey, to arts and crafts and First Aid, and languages to movie making. They give our boys and girls the opportunity to broaden their interests, learn new skills, try new pastimes and  increase self-confidence. Some are provided by school staff, and others by external practitioners.

We also run Holiday Club during the school holidays.

Recent clubs have included:

Animation Club

Learn the basics of animation in a creative, fun and hands-on after-school club. Using a variety of traditional and technological techniques including using both iPads and computers, pupils will be creating short animations. Children will have the opportunity to make their own short stories combining drawings, photos and sound recordings.

Art Hub

Art Club gives pupils the opportunity to practice and hone their artistic skills beyond what we cover during lessons. Each term we will explore a different technique and theme, pupils will then work towards building a sketchbook of ideas and producing a final masterpiece.

Basketball Club

Children can enjoy learning the skills of basketball under the expert guidance of our sports coaches, whilst improving their ball skills and hand-eye coordination. If weather prevents play other team building activities will take place inside.

Brain Games

Join Brain Games and give your brain a workout! Learn how to play chess or challenge yourself  and your friends with other brain stimulating activities such as Bananagrams, Cryptic Crosswords, Sudoku and Rummikub.

Build It

If you enjoy building models, then this is the club for you! Each week you will use a range of construction materials to create fantastic models. At Construction Club, children can have fun, build self-esteem and teamwork skills whilst having a chance to learn and create through play.

Chess Club

All children are welcome to chess club – from absolute beginners to experts! Each week we will discuss strategy and then play friendly games together. If your child has his or her own chessboard, please feel free to bring it in on chess days.

Coding Club

In coding club, we will be learning the basics of coding. One of the programmes we will be using is Kodu and with it we will be designing and making games.

Cookery Club (Prep)

In cookery club pupils learn to cook simple recipes and each week will take home tasty creations to share with their family. This club takes place at Corsham School.

Non Cooking Cookery Club (Pre Prep)

It does exactly what it says on the tin!  We don’t have cooking facilities for the children to use at Heywood so Mrs McGregor will be helping the children to craft dishes that don’t require cooking or those that can be taken home to be cooked.

Cozy Club

‘After school, I want to be comfy and cozy,’ said a tired Year 2 pupil. We agree, and recognise that there are days when our pupils need a relaxing space. Cozy Club allows children to relax with other children in a calming environment at the end of the day. Each session will have a non-messy Art activity, such as Playdough, Wikky Sticks or mindfulness colouring, a movie space where children can lay out and watch with their friends, together with a board game area led by the session leader, where children can cooperatively play popular games.

Craft Hub

The club offers children the opportunity to make wonderful pieces, using different craft techniques. Projects vary throughout the year; as do the materials used. The one constant is that there will always be glitter at Christmas!

Creative Writing

Learn and develop the skills of how to set stories and write poetry.  Many themes and stimulus will be provided.  Let’s find the next David Walliams or JK Rowling.


The Year 5-6 training programme is led by Corsham CC Head Coach, Rob Reed. With use of our recently acquired cricket cage, children will be given expert technical advice to develop and hone their existing cricketing levels.

The Pre Prep fundamental cricket skills will be led by In2Sport. These sessions will focus on the fundamental skills of batting, bowling and fielding, in fun games like scenarios.


Nursery Dance – A fun and creative introduction to the world of dance. Classes include a warm up, gentle stretching, basic dance exercises, use of props, storytelling and improvisation.

Pre-Prep Dance – With a basis in Ballet and Modern Dance this class incorporates a variety of different dance styles and music. Pupils will gain technical dance knowledge in a fun and creative environment with some use of props to encourage creativity, improvisation to nurture individual expression and storytelling to enable them to perform with a sense of narrative structure.

Prep Dance – A fun and creative modern style dance class set to a variety of different musical styles and themes. This class gives participants the chance to explore the world of dance and involves some prop work as well as the chance to choreograph.

DT Club

Run by our newly- acquired expert Mr Pugh.  This club will have it all; design, creation, decoration and more!


Fencing is a unique, exhilarating and fast-paced sport and at Mr Bromley’s fencing club you will play fencing-related games and activities, and learn various fencing techniques. We also hold fencing tournaments – join in and experience the fun of fencing!


Hosted by local company In2Sport, these sessions will  provide players of all abilities skill-based sessions. Whether they are new to the game or experienced, they will receive high standards of technical football coaching.

Forest School

A new club for Prep Children.  Run by our in-house expert Miss Creighton and assisted by Mr Ruane, the club will be based in our newly developed Forest School Area.  Wellies and waterproofs are a must and toasting marshmallows is a definite!

French Club

In French Club students will be expanding their horizons,  looking at the traditions, history and culture of our French neighbours. Each week will cover a different topic, be it cartoon characters, famous films, artists, musicians or authors, historical figures, battles or food. A fact sheet will accompany each topic as well as the most important vocabulary. Students are most welcome to bring along anything interesting they might have to show and every week will include a different Linguascope game. Do come and join us!

Gardening Club

Helping to design and create some new flower beds around the school and tending to the school vegetable patch.  Bring your wellies and a waterproof if it’s wet!

Homework and Digital Learning Platforms

Homework Club with a twist…. Based in Mr Carr’s Room this club will have a bias towards Matheletics and Nessy Fingers homework but bring your books too – help will be available!

Horrible Histories

Come and experience horrible histories where you will be given the opportunity to travel back in time! Learn how to mummify organic matter and battle as brutally as a Viking!

Hockey Performance

This club is designed for hockey enthusiasts who want to develop their stick skills and put them into match play situations. This club will be situated on the Astro. Open to both boys and girls Yr3-6.

Homework Club (Prep)

Homework Club offers you the opportunity to complete your homework before you go home, with a member of staff available to offer help you if you need it.

Homework and Reading (Pre Prep)

An opportunity for Pre-Prep children to take part in a structured homework and reading session.  Where possible the children will be listened to read and help will be provided with homework.

Maths Masters

Maths Masters welcomes children from Years 3-6 and will focus on problem solving, working collaboratively and identifying solutions. If you like to solve a variety of problems, then this is the club for you!

Judo Club

Judo is an exciting Olympic sport, popular for developing confidence and fitness. Mark Burbidge, a judo Black Belt and professional judo teacher, motivates you to learn judo in a fun and exciting way and you will be able to work through the coloured belt grading system.

Mind Matters

Each session is designed for the children to do things that make them laugh and have fun as well as take time and look after their mental health. At the beginning of each session we will spend 10 minutes meditating and then the activities to follow could include discussions about our feelings, physical exercise such as dancing, going for a walk and getting fresh air, setting realistic goals for the term and thinking about what went well that day, playing instruments and taking a break from ‘screen time’.

Mini Medics

Mini Medics is a basic introduction to First Aid & Defibrillation for children between the ages of 7 & 13. The course includes: What is First Aid, First Aid kits, Recovery position, Choking, Resuscitation (CPR), Wounds and bleeding, Burns, Asthma, Shock and Safety. The course will show complete respect for the children’s ability, and make it educational, practical, instil the importance of helping someone who is poorly or injured and as important will be fun! This course runs for 4 sessions.

Nessy Fingers and Mathletics Club

An opportunity for Pre-Prep children to hone their touch typing skills or to complete that all important Mathletics homework and then play activities against each other.

Movie Making Club

Are you the next Steven Spielberg? In Movie-Making Club you will learn about all the different aspects of writing and composing your very own movie. Studying and recreating scenes from modern classics will provide you with the skills to start storyboarding and directing your own short film. Develop your collaboration skills and acting ability along with technical skills such as framing and editing over the course of the term as you create your own movie from scratch!

Multi-Sports Club

In Multi-sports Club you will have the chance to play a variety of fun sports, some of which you may not have played before such as Dodgeball, Uni Hoc and Tennis, just to name a few.

Music Theory

Calling all music theory enthusiasts! Each week we will work through a section of Grade I theory and practise techniques such as reading music, sight singing and developing aural skills. You do not need to have any prior musical theory knowledge. This course is designed for beginners.

Netball Club (Years 5 & 6)

A club aimed at those players who wish to develop their individual skills and team play in preparation for future matches, with a focus on entering the ISA competition next season.

Pop Lacrosse

In Pop Lacrosse club there will be the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills for Lacrosse. Pupils will learn to pick up the ball quickly and ‘cradle’ it to keep it secure in their sticks. They will then proceed onto passing and throwing to one another once comfortable with the ball in their stick. The pupils will even have the chance to show off their strength and accuracy when faced with shooting into a goal. Near the end of term, there will be mini matches, where they will learn the various positions and tactics when playing Lacrosse.

Photography Club (Year 4 – 6)

An exciting opportunity for children to take part in photography workshops with local photographer Rob Auckland (https://www.robertaucklandweddingphotography.co.uk).  He will be exploring different techniques, genres and subjects in the sessions.  Two important things to note:

  1. Each child will need to bring their own digital camera or tablet with them to take photographs (these can be securely stored in the school office during the day).
  2. Due to the nature of the media used to take photographs, the School, nor Rob Auckland can be held responsible for the security of the images taken.  There will be occasions when the children take pictures of each other and we will not be able to control how these are used outside of school.  By signing your child up for this activity you agree to the points made above.

Prop and Stage Club

From the big stage to the small screen, this club will give pupils the opportunity to design props and stage scenery for our end of term school performances.

Puzzle Busters

Word puzzles, number games, treasure hunts… Puzzle Busters has it all.

Quiz Club

In Quiz Club, Prep children will have the opportunity to learn strategies for solving sudoku, cryptic crosswords and code words. They will also experience the challenge of completing logic puzzles and solving riddles. Come and join in the fun!

Recorder Club

In recorder club, the children will begin to look at the basics of playing the recorder and playing simple tunes together.  Opportunities will be given to the children to learn the basics of reading music and to develop an understanding of what music looks like on a page and what each note means.  The children will also learn the difference between a crotchet, minim and semibreve and they will learn to play in harmony.

Rock School

A new club led by one of our Peri music teachers, Mr Jones.  Children who are at least Grade 1 standard in their chosen instrument can get together for some jamming and to learn some classics, old and new.


These exciting sessions are delivered by a Bath RFC Community Development Coach who will be looking out for the next generation of Premiership stars for Bath RFC. Also included in the club fee, will be the opportunity for each pupil to be a Bath Flag bearer at a Bath RFC home fixture. Pupils will have a free ticket to watch the match and parents of flag bearers will be able to purchase discounted tickets for that match.

Sports Performance

Each week, we will be engaging the group in different aspects of sports performance,  Improving health and skill related fitness. These skills and fitness aspects will then be applied into challenging, sporting scenarios.

Spy Club

Information is on a need to know basis! There may be some code work. There may be some covert activities. Cryptography and secrecy may well be covered.

Tag Rugby

These exciting new sessions are delivered by a Bath RFC Community Development Coach who will be looking out for the next generation of Premiership stars for Bath RFC. Sessions will cover basic skills and lots of game play and fun

Tennis Performance

A tennis club for those in Years 5 & 6.  Pupils in Year 4 who play tennis to a good standard at club level are also welcome.

Tennis (Mini Red)

A club for those in Years 2-4.  Mini Red tennis is played on smaller courts with lower compression balls which allow more time and control.  Run by Ben Elliott, Head Coach at Chippenham Tennis Club.

Todo El Mundo, Spanish Classes

Todo el Mundo uses the award-winning structured courses from La Jolie Ronde to deliver successful Primary School clubs.  Students can start learning Spanish and French at any point during the year, joining a group suitable for their age and knowledge.

​The emphasis is on fun with the programmes for younger students using songs, rhymes and stories.  For older students there are lots of learning games including bingo, charades, Simon says and hangman.

All tutors have a native accent for young learners to copy, enabling them to excel at Spanish in secondary school.  Role-play is introduced from a young age and developed to suit the group’s interests and abilities.

Language learning also offers several other skills and benefits including turn-taking, listening skills, memorising words​, social interaction and confidence building.  Please visit https://www.todoelmundo.co.uk/school-clubs for further information.

Ukulele Club

The Corsham Ukulele Orchestra is a club for absolute beginners to intermediate ukulele players who are interested in playing in a group. Members will learn to play a wide range of different music genres in this all singing, all strumming club run by Mrs Williamson and Mr Fitzgerald-Jones, a professional guitarist and ukulele player. Our fabulous Ukulele Club runs in partnership with the Pound Arts Centre, where rehearsals will take place with children and families from other schools in the local area. Pupils are welcome to borrow a ukulele from school.

Ultimate Frisbee

This is a team game which is a cross between netball (you can’t run with the frisbee) and American Football (you score in the end zone).  A great summer sport for all to enjoy.

Wildlife Art Club

Come and find out about the wildlife that lives around school and make homes to help it survive the winter. Play some games and create some fun environmental art.

Word Nerds

Word Nerds is a fun, relaxed, multisensory workshop style club exploring language and writing. Writing is not all about sitting down at a desk! If you like the idea of playing games, acting, listening to music, hearing stories and generally having a good time, this is the club for you.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Namaste to all the yoga bunnies out there. Come and unwind with yoga after a busy day at school. It can enhance your flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness. In addition, yoga can develop concentration and bring a sense of calmness and relaxation to the mind and body. Connect with your inner self and join in the fun poses through a Cosmic Kids Yoga session.