The Main School

The main school at Heywood is divided into Pre-Prep, for children in Reception to Year 2, and Prep, for Year 3 to Year 6. Each part of the school has its own Head, allowing us to deliver an outstanding education that is engaging, relevant and forward looking for children of all ages.

Throughout school, from the youngest to the oldest, the key focus is on helping every child thrive and achieve his or her potential. Our Individualised Learning sessions are built into the curriculum, and give us the flexibility to provide each girl and boy with extra support or fresh challenges according to their particular needs, keeping them interested in the experience of learning.

Children of all ages are able to try out a wide range of opportunities, from sports and music, to residential trips and entrepreneurship. These are designed to widen their horizons, and build skills, confidence and a willingness to experience new things without fear of failure.