Life in Prep

After making progress well ahead of their peers in the Pre-Prep, from Year 3 our boys are girls are ready and eager for fresh challenges and new concepts and keen to try new skills. To keep pace with our increasingly pro-active learners, we increase the amount of specialist subject teaching. We introduce them to more varied teaching styles, and give them access to subject experts.

The curriculum

As well as the core subjects of English and Maths, STEAM plays a central role in the children’s learning. The children learn about the relationships between science, technology, engineering, art and maths, and how they combine across the modern world. The Wishford Enterprise Award is a highlight of the year. Is is an exciting and engaging way for the children to develop their own business plans.

A wide range of sports and the visual and performing arts also play a vital role in helping children express themselves and build confidence. There many opportunities for them to take part in music and drama performances

Supporting the whole child

Our unique Individualised Learning sessions ensure that every child is able to develop their own interests, and are stretched or supported where relevant.

While the children benefit from a range of teaching staff, their Form Tutor supports the whole child, keeping an eye on their overall learning. He or she leads on pastoral care and building and maintaining the vital relationship between Heywood Prep and parents.

Learners and leaders

Developing learners and leaders is a key aspect of life at Heywood. There are a whole range of ways in which our children can take responsibility and lead on various elements of school life. Y6 children have the opportunity to apply, by handwritten letter, for a variety of leadership roles, from Sports Captains and New Media Prefects, to Charity Prefects and House Captains. These experiences help build confidence in our children and a willingness to put themselves forward when opportunities arise which will serve them well.

Preparing for senior school

As the children approach the top of the school, the emphasis shifts towards preparing them for entry to the senior school of their choice. For many this will mean entrance exams to the leading senior schools in Bath and the surrounding area.  Our carefully structured preparation ensures that they are ready and practised when exams and interviews come around.

Our Department Handbooks aim to give both new and current parents useful information about life at Heywood Prep. If you have any questions that are not answered in the handbooks, please do contact the relevant Head of Department, who will be happy to help with your query.

If you have any questions that are not answered in the handbooks, please contact Mrs Leonora Martin, Head of Prep who will be happy to help with your query.

"We moved our daughter from our local primary school in Year 3. She had been lost at the back of a large class, and as she didn't cause any problems, she didn't get any attention. From the moment she arrived at Heywood, everything changed. She made enormous progress very quickly, and despite severe dyslexia, passed the entrance exam to the Royal High. We wish we had moved her sooner." Ex-parent