Heywood Hits the Slopes!

We are delighted to share the success of our recent school ski trip to the picturesque Madonna Di Campiglio in Italy—an unforgettable experience for our Year 3 to 6 pupils. The adventure provided a wonderful opportunity for children across different ages and classes to bond and support one another as they mastered the art of skiing.

The children benefited from 5 hours of tuition per day, which took place in small ski groups. Each group was guided by a dedicated ski instructor and a Heywood staff member. We are incredibly proud of all the pupils who exhibited remarkable resilience, determination, and a positive attitude in the face of challenges. Another highlight was returning to the cosy hotel (greeted by Wendy, the friendly Great Dane!) for a delicious home-cooked lunch each day. Beyond skiing, the experience allowed each child to develop their independence whilst traveling, managing their ski gear, and navigating different terrains and weather—all with the gentle support of our staff.

Chris Knight, the Director of Sport, expressed his admiration: “The progress we witnessed in just a few days was astonishing and a testament to the children’s hard work. Many ventured outside their comfort zones, overcoming initial hesitations, and witnessing these moments was incredibly rewarding for the staff.”

The children had plenty of fun off the slopes too, including swimming, movie nights, real-life ‘Where’s Wally’, visits to the local town, and an abundance of hot chocolate! The trip was an incredibly enriching experience that showcased the potential within each pupil. We are positive each child has returned home with newfound skills, confidence, and memories that will last a lifetime.