Heywood Prep, Corsham
Heywood Prep, Corsham

Life after Heywood Prep

Heywood Prep is a feeder school for the region’s top independent senior schools, as well as the high-quality state maintained secondary schools in the area.

Choosing a senior school

It is a huge challenge when your child is only four years old to identify the senior school that will best suit his or her strengths and learning style aged 11. The benefit of choosing an entirely independent prep school is that you can wait to see how your child develops before choosing a senior school. We have close relationships with all the senior schools in Wiltshire, Bath and beyond. When the time is right, we can help you identify the one where your child will thrive. Heywood Prep pupils also regularly attend special learning events at those schools as they approach the top of the school, so there are opportunities for them to get an inside view of the options.

If parents wish their child to remain within the Wishford family of schools, there is Westonbirt School in Gloucestershire, a senior school whose educational ethos closely aligns with Heywood Prep’s.

Preparation for entrance exams

For those choosing the independent school route, a carefully focused programme supports children through the entry exam process, ensuring they are familiar and confident with the experience, as well as providing interview practice.

Wherever they go, Heywood Prep children move on with confidence, well-practised learners, ready to seize and enjoy opportunities and take up positions of responsibility. We receive highly positive feedback from all the schools that take our children, and we are proud to follow their progress as they take the next steps in their education.

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In the past few years, children from Heywood Prep have gone onto the following schools:

Independent Senior Schools


State Maintained Schools