Inspection Reports

Independent schools are inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate approximately every three years, alternating between Regulatory Compliance Inspections and Integrated Inspections.

Regulatory Compliance Inspection

Heywood Prep’s most recent inspection was a Regulatory Compliance Inspection in 2018. Judgements given are limited to ‘met’ or ‘not met’. Heywood Prep met all compliance standards. You can see a full report here:

Heywood Preparatory School Compliance Inspection

Integrated Inspection

Our most recent full inspection in 2014 strongly affirmed that Heywood Prep is a happy, friendly and forward-looking school, where children thrive and achieve amazing things.

What they said about…

Our School

  • A strong sense of a happy, lively community pervades all areas of the school, which fulfils the aim of the school to provide a happy environment for all their pupils, staff, parents and visitors.
  • Excellent relationships are an outstanding feature of the school and the older pupils are aware of the need to look after each other and to help those younger. This contributes to the inclusive and caring atmosphere in the school.
  • The school provides a broad curriculum that more than covers the requisite areas of learning and promotes a love of learning.

Our Early Years

  • Excellent relationships have been established with parents and staff work in partnership with them, to help children settle.
  • The overall quality and standards of the early years’ provision are outstanding. The children’s achievements and progress exceed age-related expectations in all areas of learning.
  • High levels of independence, co-operation and respect for one another are evidenced daily and behaviour is exemplary.

Our Pupils

  • The quality of the pupils’ achievements and learning is excellent. Pupils make excellent progress in relation to national age-related expectations. Pupils achieve highly in a wide range of sporting competitions against other schools.
  • Pupils’ personal development is excellent; they are extremely happy and show strong mutual respect for each other and their teachers.
  • Pupils have extremely positive attitudes to their learning, openly share knowledge with each other and develop strong skills for the future.

Our Staff

  • Throughout the school teaching is of high quality, presented by enthusiastic, knowledgeable and flexible staff.
  • Teaching demonstrates good organisation and excellent use of praise and encouragement. Staff know their pupils well and plan to meet individual needs effectively.
  • Children and their parents have great confidence in the committed and experienced staff, who work hard to provide them with a safe and happy environment.

Our Relationships with Parents

  • The quality of links with parents, carers and guardians is excellent.
  • The school has a very warm and constructive relationship with parents, which underpins its aim to work closely with families and jointly support their children to achieve their potential.
  • Parents are overwhelmingly positive regarding everything that the school offers their children.

The full report can be accessed here: Heywood Preparatory School Integrated Inspection

"Heywood Prep is a welcoming, friendly and open community. As a result, of feeling safe and well looked after, pupils thrive and challenge themselves to reach their full potential." Independent Schools Inspection report