Year 6 English and Maths practice portal

This is where you will find some past papers we are setting for the children in anticipation of their upcoming entrance exams.

They will not necessarily be from the school your children are sitting entrance papers for.

Christmas Break

It is very important that the right balance is struck over the Christmas holidays. This has been a long and tiring term. The children should take the opportunity to have a break.

Some of the children will have entrance exams shortly after we return from the holidays. These children may benefit from some exposure to English and Maths papers.

We have uploaded some papers with their solutions so you can see the areas that are causing concern. Please advise of any difficulties when we return in January and we will seek to address areas of concern.

Further down the page there are 2 papers put together by Mr Ruane; one that contains fraction questions and the other four operations questions.

Friday 22nd November

Please find, herewith, a Kingswood sample paper. Please take note of the allowed time if you choose to limit your child to the constraints of the paper. A ruler is required. This week I have included, with the maths paper, 2 extra papers. These papers are just a lot of operations (+,-,÷, x) questions. They are just for dipping in to as and when required. The answer sheets are included. TR

From Mr Carr:

Please see below this week’s practice paper. It includes a 30 minute reading task as well as a 30 minute writing task. There are two options to choose from in the writing. It is strongly advised that pupils should select the writing genre (when presented with an option) that they feel most comfortable with. In this paper, children can select either persuasive writing or a narrative.

Before choosing which genre, I would recommend you ask your child what the important features of these genres of writing are. Schools are always looking for quality over quantity when looking at a writing task such as this. This includes accuracy in spelling and punctuation as well as ambitious word choices suitable for the task.

I recommend parents provide support in the planning stage of this writing task for 5 minutes followed by 25 minutes of independent writing time to help pupils prepare for timed writing assessments, ensuring that the follow through with their plan and complete their work in the time allowed.

Please also see the criteria used at Heywood Prep for assessing writing. This provides a good framework for identifying areas for improvement in writing. I would be glad to provide feedback for pupils’ writing.

Friday 15th November

Herewith, this week’s papers. Please note the times and instructions.