Heywood Prep, Corsham

Used Uniform

FOH has a stock of used uniform which is available for sale.

How it works

Please click on the link below to view the list of uniform available for sale.


Items have been carefully categorised into 2 groups of quality:-
Green – Nearly New – sold at 50% of the original/current value
Blue – Pre Loved – showing a little wear and maybe the odd mark and sold at 35% of the original/current value.

Buying an item from the list

Please contact one of us quoting the relevant Item Number. It will be labelled for your collection and put in the Used Uniform Cupboard outside Mrs Mitchell’s office. Payment can be left in the school office marked ‘Payment for Used Uniform’ and ‘your name’.


Please drop off your cash or cheque in an envelope to the school office.

Selling an item

If you have an item/s that you wish to sell please use the labels available in the Label List below. Fill in your details clearly on the slip and attach it safely to the item. Print labels here.
Donated items do not need a slip.
Please drop off your item/s in the cupboard outside Mrs Mitchell’s office. Pre-printed Labels can also be found in the cupboard.

Receiving payment

Each item we sell will earn you 50% of the sale price.
You will be contacted and informed that payment is waiting for your collection once your item has been sold.

Got a question?

Please contact:
Claire – 07957493581