Year 6 Produce a Play, in a Week!

Year 6 pupils spent a wonderful week producing the musical ‘The Wind in the Willows’ from start to finish in just five days! It was an exciting opportunity for each child to explore different aspects of theatrical production. The multifaceted nature of the project gave each child an opportunity to shine, in areas such as set design, performance and dance. The children collaborated to craft a beautiful set using natural foliage and neon paint, the result was spectacular. The staff were particularly impressed with how the children embraced the challenge of leaning lines, songs and choreography in a short period of time and with vigorous enthusiasm.

At the end of this busy week everything came together with the children performing in front of a live audience of family and friends. Headmistress, Mrs Rebecca Mitchell, commented, ‘‘It was fantastic to see our Year 6 pupils enjoy the magical benefits of participating in a theatre show during this week-long project. The final performance was fantastic and I enjoyed every moment of it’.