Year 5 Visit Stratford-upon-Avon

Year 5 children spent an engaging day in Stratford-upon-Avon supporting their work in STEAM subjects. Firstly, they visited Stratford Butterfly Farm, which is the biggest tropical butterfly centre in the UK. The children met a wide range of butterfly species and discussed their life cycles with the expert guides. Having learnt about this in lessons, the children were proud to show off their excellent vocabulary. While at the centre, they also saw iguanas, giant millipedes, scorpions and a red-kneed tarantula.

Following a quick stop at Shakespeare’s Birthplace, the children moved on to the Mechanical Art and Design Museum, which celebrates all sorts of whacky automata, marble-runs and other mechanical artworks. The children watched working examples to see how cams and gears can transform motion. They also built their own enormous marble-runs and have been given an automaton kit to design and build at home. This was an excellent experience to supplement the topics children have studied in class.