Year 4 Inflate Their Self Belief

“There are two ways to look at life, we can stare at the mountain and see an impossible challenge or find a way round it and go through the sun drenched savannah.

James Shone visited Year 4 on Friday the 21st January to share his story and to work with the children to inspire confidence and self-belief.

Look Up, Forward and Out

After a life-changing diagnosis, James was faced with many challenges including dressing himself, walking and eating. James spoke openly and honestly with the children about his day-to-day obstacles and how he can overcome these by looking up, forward and out.

Inflating balloons of self belief

James told the children that we all have a balloon inside us. When it is inflated, we feel good and we can bounce back. This is sometimes referred to as resilience. But sometimes children leave school and their balloons are deflated and we have no protection to the negative feelings and events that come our way.

We can get air in our balloons in 3 ways:

1. Belonging. When we feel we belong, we feel safe and happy.

2. Moving Forward. Knowing you are getting better and improving. Small steps of improvement and a growth mindset (I can’t do it…..YET)

3. Hope. Dream dreams, this gives you a purpose.

After James’ incredibly inspiring talk, the children split up into small groups and completed a carousel of activities focused on belonging and self-worth. The children put their team work to the test completing trust exercises with Mrs Eccles before having time to reflect on friendships in a circle time with Miss Cliffe. On the bus, children worked as a team to make mouth-watering pizza before heading up to the top deck to discuss ‘What makes me – me?’ The children came together at the end of the day to put all they had learnt to the test in a series of team games.