Year 4 ‘Hatch’ a Plan

This term’s theme ‘Vikings and Dragons’ has given Year 4 a taste for adventure! Imagine their excitement when the children arrived at school last week to hear reports of strange noises and occurrences. The children decided they had no choice but to investigate and bravely set off on their adventure, surveying the school grounds and searching for clues. To their astonishment, a magical trail of sparkles appeared, followed by a set of dragon footprints which they tentatively followed.  With some trepidation the children were delighted to discover a huge and beautiful dragon egg lying in a bed of leaves in Antonia’s Garden.

This amazing discovery sparked huge interest and creativity amongst the children; a fantastic starting point for their creative writing stories. The children were able to take what they had learnt back to the classroom and craft imaginative stories inspired by their experience.  Year 4 class teacher, Mrs Helen Eccles, said “I was particularly impressed with the way the children went along with the ‘story’ of how the dragon egg appeared, I asked them to suspend their disbelief and turn on the powerful imagination part of their brain – they all did this with great enthusiasm!”

Using a thematic approach to learning, such as ‘Vikings and Dragons’, creates an environment where children develop a lifelong love of learning and meaningful applications for the academic skills they have learnt. The children really love learning together through these themes, through which they make connections between different subjects and topics.