Year 4 Get to Grips with Grid References

As part of their Geography topic ‘Travel and Trade’, Year 4 have been exploring maps to identify land features, roads and paths and tourist attractions in Corsham and the local area. The children have also developed a greater understanding of the different types of maps and their uses, including the Explorer and Landranger Ordnance Survey Maps.

The children have learned how a grid reference allows someone to mark a specific area on a map by referring to vertical and horizontal lines called ‘eastings’ and ‘northings’ and how the further East the ‘eastings’ are, the higher the number, and that the same applies for ‘northings’. Each pupil has worked hard to identify particular areas of interest on a map, by learning how to interpret a 4-figure grid reference.

This week Year 4 were challenged to combine all their knowledge of reading maps and grid references to navigate to the code numbers hidden around the school grounds. They worked hard in teams to discuss their ideas, listen to each other and work quickly against other teams. Fantastic work Year 4, well done!