Year 4 Begins a Digital Journey

In a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on digital technology, it is important that our pupils are well-equipped to navigate this evolving landscape. Our Year 4 pupils recently embarked on an exciting journey as they received their brand-new Surface Go devices, courtesy of the school. This unboxing experience marked the beginning of a transformative period in their education, one that promises to unlock a world of knowledge, skills and opportunities.

These devices will be trusty companions that will accompany the children throughout their educational journey until they reach the end of Year 6, and support them in lessons such as STEAM, English, History and Homework Club, all within a safe and controlled environment under the guidance of Heywood staff.

Deputy Head, Mr Tim O’Connell, said “Integrating technology into their education, will not only equip them with essential skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and improve their digital literacy but it will also encourage them to harness technology as a tool for creativity and innovation. As the world continues its digital transformation, Heywood pupils will be better prepared for future academic and professional pursuits. We wish the Year 4 pupils the best of luck and eagerly await their remarkable achievements with these new devices!”