Year 2 become Amateur Astronomers!

This week pupils in Year 2 attended an active workshop all about Astronomy, to further their learning about space! The highlight of the day was a visit from Bath Astronomer, Simon Holbeche, who provided an exciting opportunity to view celestial objects in our solar system and beyond.

The day provided the children with many hands-on experiences including logging into the Faulks Telescope in Australia, to take live photographs of galaxies up to 60 million light years from Earth. In addition to this all pupils had the opportunity to use three further telescopes equipped for solar observing to help them safely see projections and sun spots.

Photographs taken by Year 2 using the Faulkes Telescope in Australia

We would like to extend our gratitude to The Herschel Museum of Astronomy, Bath, who kindly loaned the Personal Solar Telescope which allowed the children to look at the prominences on the Sun.

The fun didn’t end there as pupils tested their dexterity in an astronaut glove challenge, their aim in a rocket trajectory challenge, explored the fabric of space and time with a gravity well and created and launched their own personalised paper rockets. 

Finally, in preparation for the partial solar eclipse on June 10th, each child received a pair of solar viewers – what a treat!