Topic Focus: The Great Fire of London

It all started in the kitchens of many houses in the Wiltshire area – baking bread! As much as it was a thoroughly enjoyable activity and a great way to feed the curiosity of the children it was also because we were kick starting our new topic – The Great Fire of London, which started in a bakery in Pudding Lane, London.

The holistic approach to teaching and learning has enabled the children to cultivate new skills, build on existing ones and explore their own areas of interest. During a live topic lesson, the children were informed that the following week they would be learning about The Great Plague. I shortly received an email from a parent saying ‘My child is going to be thrilled. He said only yesterday I hope we do the plague in topic.’ I can’t overstate how pleased I am to hear that they have taken such an interest in their learning.

There have been some exceptionally interesting conversations linked to this topic over live lessons – particularly discussions about wanting to be a gong farmer or executioner if they lived in 1666! From recreating the Great Fire of London using Duplo to news reports ‘live from London’, The Great Fire of London has been a very enjoyable topic for the children and teachers alike. It is safe to say the work we have seen this half term has truly been ‘on fire’!

Miss Clare Venner

Year 2 Form Tutor