Specialist Modern Foreign Language Teaching at Heywood Prep

We are very lucky to be able to offer two Modern Foreign Languages at Heywood Prep, both taught by a specialist MFL teacher. Following the overwhelmingly positive feedback last academic year, French will be taught from September until the February half-term; Spanish thereafter. 

Our aim is child-focussed: to give our children the confidence and desire to explore other languages and cultures. We encourage everyone to be word detectives: to feel comfortable about making educated guesses at the meaning of new words; to spy links between words and to understand how languages develop and change all the time.

The current academic year will see the inaugural MFL poetry competition, where Years 4-6 will learn to recite a short poem in French by heart. Here, the emphasis will be on speaking skills of pronunciation and intonation, as well as helping our children to build confidence. We welcome any help parents feel able to offer at home! 

Language acquisition and development is all about ‘opening doors’. Here at Heywood Prep, we want to offer our children as rich an introduction to other languages as we can, promoting global citizenship and tolerance and understanding.