Riding the waves with Year 2

Year 2 are enjoying learning about ‘Riding the Waves’ this term and this fascinating topic has taken them on many different journeys.

They began the year by finding a bottle in Antonia’s garden, exploring the World Map and thinking about how we travel across the sea. By looking at the giant World Map rug in the 2H classroom, the children have discovered that the majority of the World is water. All of the children enjoyed learning about pirate ships and on International Pirate Day practised speaking like a pirate to each other.

They have learnt about Charles Darwin’s travels and discoveries, which led them to discover how animals adapt, in particular, the camel and how it is has adapted to travel across deserts. Currently, they are learning about the diverse food chains found in the oceans and that all food chains begin with plant-based producers. The children recently explored this at Bristol Aquarium, where they saw a range of fish and talked about what they all eat. One of the most fascinating facts which we learnt during our trip was that sea cucumbers breathe through their bottoms!