Riding the Waves with Year 2

Jump on-board our pirate ship and we’ll tell you what we’ve learnt whilst Riding the Waves in Year 2 this term…

We started looking at the geography of our world – the seven continents and five oceans. We were amazed by the variety of animals and their habitats, humans included, from all around the world. Did you know the penguins in Peru live on a cliff that is covered in bird droppings over one metre thick? And did you know there is a tribe of people in Papua New Guinea which do skeleton dances to intimidate enemy tribes, almost as scary as Mr Ruane’s costume at the Halloween Disco!

We were particularly interested in learning about the species discovered by Charles Darwin on the Galapagos Islands. We stopped off in South America to research the Galapagos Tortoise, Finches, the Sally Light Foot Crab and the Blue Footed Boobie using the internet and by reading information in non-fiction books. We created projects about these animals and presented these to our peers.

We divided into some really fun fiction books too  – Dougal’s Deep Sea Diary, The Rainbow Fish and Flotsam but to name a few. We wrote newspaper reports about Dougal’s deep-sea adventure, we wrote about weird and wonderful sea creatures and used adjectives to make our sentences more interesting when describing the characters in these books.

We are now super excited to have landed in Australia where we will be looking at the variety of animals and their habitats down under. There is a possibility that we may even get to say ‘G’day mate’ to some Australian children by sending our wonderful work to a school in Australia. Perhaps we need to write a persuasive letter to Mrs Mitchell and our parents about a school trip there. We know Miss Venner is keen! Who knows what we will be up to next on our adventures but all we can say is we’ve loved it so far and can’t wait to explore more of our wonderful world!

Year 2 and Miss Venner