Poetry Final at The Globe Theatre

Last week Callum from Year 4 performed on stage at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre in London as a Poetry by Heart competition finalist. His Form Tutor, Mrs Eccles, was lucky enough to join Callum and his father for the two day finalist event.

The first treat was a wonderful opportunity to watch a Shakespeare play as it would have been performed in Shakespeare’s time – in the round, no scenery and simple props and costumes.

The next day, Callum performed his poem on The Globe theatre stage to a large audience of children, teachers and parents. This was followed by a packed day of activities including a tour of the theatre and poetry performances from all the other categories followed by a surprise poetry reading from the brilliant Michael Rosen. An hour long talk and poetry reading from Simon Armitage, the current Poet Laureate, was a fascinating and inspiring end to the day.

Congratulations to Callum for reaching the final and performing with impressive confidence and his trademark flourish.