Nailbiting Lego Robotics

The Year 6 Lego Robotics team performed admirably at yesterday’s First Lego League in Bristol.

The first event saw pupils present their STEM concept; a ‘mouth-exerciser’, designed to solve the problem of muscular atrophy on long term space habitation. Judges were very interested in their designs and prototypes. This was followed by three rounds of robot challenges. The team gained their maximum planned points on the first round and proceeded to take a risk of combining robot attachments and programs, working together very quickly to recreate the robot for the following two rounds.

The team finished in 10th place out of 20, surrounded by other schools and children up to 16 years old. Throughout the whole competition, our pupils were keen to meet and discuss the projects with all of the other children present, helping other teams and taking support from others graciously. They stood out in their confidence to meet and greet new adults and pupils alike, mucking in on other projects and complimenting the other pupils where they recognised the hard work of others.

Well done Heywood Helios!