Medieval Mayhem in Year 1

Year 1 have participated enthusiastically in their topic of Knights and Castles this term.  Learning has been interlinked across the curriculum with English activities where children have written about how to become a knight and writing their own book about castles; sharing details about each of the different rooms and learning about different fairy stories and how they are written. 

Throughout the term the topic theme has been taught in a cross-curricular approach with Science lessons being devoted to materials that would have helped to build castles and also Art where we have painted Castles and created self-portraits of ourselves as Kings and Queens.  In Music the children have learnt different songs related to Castles.  This cross-curricular approach means the children can learn more about a topic and their natural enthusiasm overflows into lessons.  Some children have visited castles and bought books to complete research at home with their parents.

The children’s final part of this term’s topic was a Medieval Art afternoon where children invited parents into school to help them create shields.  Each child was able to share their carefully made castle books with their parents as well as eating medieval gingerbread.  This final afternoon brings the topic to a close in an engaging way and parents and children all had enormous fun!