Maths Meets Robots

Last week in maths Year 5 have been studying types of angles – acute, obtuse, reflex and right angles (of which we have found 100s if not 1000s of examples in the class rooms.)

The study of angles is a fundamental part of the property of shapes section within the study of geometry in maths.

We have drawn and measured angles using the traditional method found in classrooms around the world – the humble protractor.

There are a number of cross-curricular links with this maths topic: Science, computer science and STEAM to name but a few. So we were incredibly fortunate to be offered an angle related lesson from our STEAM specialist, Mrs Evans. Using the Lego robots, the children explored angles of turn in a practical situation. The robots were programmed by the children to navigate around the Lego Super Powered season set-up. They worked their way around the table stopping off at the Hybrid Car and the Wind Turbine. They made use of their knowledge of 90, 180, 360 degree angles to aid the navigation. The more complex manoeuvres required turns of 30 and 45 degrees.

The children will be programming the more intricate commands required of the Lego tasks during their STEAM and Computer Science lessons.

The children had to master the concept of negative direction and rotation to make the most efficient routes.

Before programming, the children used visualisation to familiarise themselves with the required routes and algorithms.

Thomas Ruane

Year 5 Form Tutor