Heywood Prep Discovers More!

Heywood Prep is celebrating a well-earned Gold award in the Space Education Quality Mark, in recognition of our world-class teaching in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM subjects).

As part of Heywood’s commitment to a relevant and engaging curriculum for all, pupils have enjoyed the development of Space as a context for learning throughout the curriculum in all year groups. UK schools and colleges receive the Space Education Quality Mark when they can show that they have significantly used the context of space in subjects, have worked with other organisations, shared resources and used space to enrich the curriculum.

The Space Education Quality Mark was created by ESERO-UK, which supports the space sector and teachers to open doors for young people from all backgrounds, by delivering inspiring world-class teaching in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM subjects).

Alex Brown, European Space Education Resource Office Manager at STEM Learning, said:

“We are delighted to congratulate Heywood Prep on receiving the Gold Space Education Quality Mark. Each school and college who receives the Space Education Mark has demonstrated a real and ongoing commitment to excellent STEM education in their school. Heywood Prep is a great example of this.”

From EYFS right through to Y6 pupils have enjoyed linking their learning to the technologies inspired by the space sector. Curriculum highlights include making space food in YR, linking concave surfaces to the James Webb and Hubble telescopes, a full Astronaut recruitment program in Y5 and discovering methods of contacting space in Y6. A big part of the delivery of so much incredible learning is the new STEAM curriculum enjoyed by all pupils at Heywood, with a whole school-wide strand dedicated to Earth and Beyond – exploring the technology and engineering of space-based science.

Further to the curriculum, enrichment events such as GATI Stargazing, visits from STEM Ambassadors from a range of science and engineering fields, Astronomy and STEM individualised learning projects and the sharing of successful teaching and learning with other schools and educators has ensured a real depth in the learning experience of all pupils

In the words of the Assessor:

“Heywood Prep is awarded SEQM Gold in recognition of the fantastic work they have done in embedding the context of Space throughout their curriculum, for all age groups. This level of award also recognises the fantastic work that has been done within the wider community of schools through CPD and networking to support and inspire others to follow their lead. A very impressive submission, Camilla and her team should be very proud of their achievements.”