The inspection team from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) visited us for three full days, inspecting every aspect of school life from health and safety to the quality of pupils’ personal development. The team of three inspectors was incredibly thorough, working meticulously through records and children’s work; observing lessons and school routines; interviewing senior leaders, staff and pupils; inspecting facilities; and considering the responses of parents, pupils and staff to pre-inspection questionnaires in order to compile their evidence.

Heywood Prep has been graded ‘double excellent’, the highest possible award, by ISI. The educational quality aspect of the report is presented in three main sections: the quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements (excellent); the quality of pupils’ personal development (excellent); and regulatory compliance (all standards met).

We are rightly proud of this recognition from ISI. I am delighted that Heywood’s culture, energy and successful outcomes for its pupils has been captured so successfully through the inspectors’ observations evidenced throughout their report.

I am so proud to lead Heywood Prep’s staff and children, and of what we have achieved together. I am also enormously grateful to you, our parents, for trusting us with your children’s futures. I feel absolutely certain the inspection report, which can be downloaded in full from our website here, offers confirmation that you chose the best possible school for your child and for your family.

Rebbeca Mitchell