Graduating from Knight School

Sir James Waylander of Trowbridge recently visited our Year 1 pupils to teach them the secrets of being a successful knight.

There was lots of discussion as to how he might arrive! Some children were sure that they heard the clip-clop of approaching hooves!  The children approached the hall full of enthusiasm to receive their tuition.  The children learnt how to greet each other with a bow or curtesy saying ‘Good Morrow Sir’ or Good Morrow Mistress’.  Then they got down to the business of learning to be a knight.  The children learnt that before you could become a knight one needed to learn the jobs of being a paige. The job of a paige is to help a knight doing chores such us fetching their food and helping to polish armour and dress a knight in the armour. 

Then came the sword and shield drills – each child had a sword and a shield and followed instructions to ensure they were nimble and quick at moving away from another knight and deflecting the sword.  We finished by finding out how to work a bow and arrow.  All of the children had an enormous amount of fun and are looking forward to learning more about knights and castles as the term progresses.