Eisteddfod Success and Festive Recording

The Heywood Harmonies choir celebrated a day filled with musical triumphs last Friday, as they took centre stage at the Devizes Eisteddfod festival. The talented choir not only participated with enthusiasm but was also awarded a well-deserved distinction. Judges were impressed by the choir’s exceptional performance, praising their “polished and cohesive delivery with strong harmonies and seamless part singing.”

Following their success in the competition, the choir embarked on an exciting adventure by recording a Christmas song. The children were thrilled to step into the professional recording studio at Monkton Senior School, where they had the unique opportunity to fine-tune their melodies. Working in small groups within recording pods added an extra layer of excitement for the children, creating a really memorable experience. With the recording completed, the choir eagerly awaits to share their festive creation with you soon!