Dinosaurs in Reception!

Children in Reception have been captivated by their last topic of the year ‘Dinosaurs’! It was on day two that the children asked if they could use their STEAM lesson to design and build their very own dinosaur parks. The children worked collaboratively to create these parks and then as part of their English lesson the next day they wrote leaflets, signs and tickets in readiness for the parks grand opening.

It was wonderful to see the children taking the lead with their learning and they remained on task despite the hot weather. It was then time to open the park and the ticket office was busy with young mathematicians counting coins and paying for tickets. The children loved playing in their dinosaur parks, exploring each other’s creations with our visiting dinosaurs.

The children have continued to be inspired by the topic and have been making their own salt dough fossils; learning about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores; and investigating dinosaur poo! Their subject knowledge is really rather impressive, the teachers are having to do a lot of homework to keep up with the children.