Christmas Song Release

Heywood’s stirring rendition of ‘Christmas Star’ by John Williams premiered today. The piece was recorded in collaboration with The Royal High School at their Steinway Music School and includes vocals from our Advanced Singers Choir. We are excited to be able to share this piece with our families and friends and sincerely hope everyone enjoys listening to it as much as the children enjoyed recording it.

Click the arrow to enjoy Heywood Prep’s 2022 Christmas Song

The experience of creating a soundtrack in a professional recording studio was tremendously inspiring for our pupils. One pupils said, “I loved that we could listen back to the song and find ways to improve on it. I can’t wait to hear the finished piece after The Royal High has added their instrumental parts. It was such an amazing experience to have shared with the rest of the Advanced Singers!”

Mark Bradbury, Director of Music at Royal High School Bath, said, “We loved performing with Heywood Prep at Bath Abbey for a lunchtime concert recently and were thrilled to be able to invite them to our Steinway Music School to record this holiday favourite.”

We would like to express our appreciation to The Royal High School for allowing us to use their recording space and we very much hope to work with them again soon.