A Musical Journey for Year 3

It is always a special moment when Heywood Prep pupils are given a violin to look after for the term, and this year was no exception. Year 3 were delighted to take ownership of their instruments and enthusiasm was at fever pitch! 

Each week, in our purpose built music cabin, Year 3 will explore the skills needed to play the violin; including how to bow and pluck, follow music notation and perform pieces with an accompaniment. For inspiration, the children will learn from examples of music by celebrated violinists.

As well as being great fun, there are many benefits of learning to play an instrument as part of a group, in a relaxed and supportive environment. Children develop team skills and an understanding of their own individual part in a larger ensemble. Learning the violin in this way will also give pupils the opportunity to practice perseverance and patience, in the pursuit of a meaningful shared goal.

As the children begin to master playing the violin, they will perform to a wide variety of audiences, including their music teacher, cohort and parents. Children thoroughly enjoy these performances and the confidence they acquire as a result, is often observed when they present work across other subjects.

Throughout their time at Heywood, all pupils will have the opportunity to learn a tuned and an untuned instrument including; violin, flute, djembe and more! We aim to inspire and enthuse all children to enjoy music and passionately believe in the power of music to build confidence, teamwork and effective communication skills.

Many of our past pupils have gone on to secure Music Scholarships at their future schools and this year we were thrilled for current pupil, Lily Weeden, who became the official junior winner of the ISA Young Musician Competition. Year 3 will certainly be inspired by Lilly’s achievement, and we are all excited to see where their musical journey will take them!

If you would like to find out more about the music provision at Heywood Prep, please contact our Registrar, Poppy Godfrey: admissions@heywoodprep.com.