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Joining Heywood Prep follows a clear and simple admissions process. We have an open door policy, inviting prospective parents to contact us at any time throughout the year to arrange a visit to the school to meet the Headmistress, Rebecca Mitchell.

We also hold a number of Open Days and events throughout the year providing further opportunities for prospective parents to see Heywood Prep in action.

We welcome children who would flourish at Heywood Prep and those that would make the most of all the opportunities available to them. The school is, therefore, mixed ability by nature and in keeping with its aims to provide a balanced, well-rounded education.

Our Admissions Process

Step 1 – Initial Enquiry

Please click on the ‘Make an enquiry’ button below completing as much information as possible.

Step 2 – Enquiry Response

The School Registrar, Mrs Lauren Harmon, will be in contact via telephone to assist further with your enquiry and to answer any questions you might have. Mrs Harmon would also be delighted to arrange a bespoke tour of the school with the Headmistress.

Step 3 – Enjoy a personalised tour with Rebecca Mitchell

This will start with a meeting with Mrs Mitchell, when you can ask any questions you have and Mrs Mitchell will be able to learn a little more about what you are looking for in a school and to give you an insight into life at Heywood Prep. She will then take you on a tour, visiting different classrooms and the outside space, seeing learning as it happens, so that you can experience life in our happy school. The tour will be tailored according to what interests you most.

Step 4 – Register for a place

Following your meeting with the Headmistress should you wish to register your child(ren) for a place at Heywood Prep we would invite you to complete the registration form and pay the £50 registration fee.

Step 5 – Taster day

We invite children in Reception – Y6 to spend a taster day with us in their current year group. Our Registrar, Lauren Harmon would be pleased to send across a timetable detailing the arrangements for the day.

Step 6 – Offer of a place

Upon receipt of the registration form and fee, subject to a satisfactory school report, academic reference and successful taster day, Mrs Mitchell’s decision to offer a place will be immediate. Mrs Harmon will arrange to send the following documents through to you electronically:

  • Offer Letter
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Medical Form
  • Parental Acceptance Form ( £500 deposit for Nursery to Year 6)

Step 7 – Acceptance

If you wish to accept the offer of a place we ask that you return the relevant documents and deposit. As soon as the forms and payment is submitted, your child’s place at Heywood Prep will have been secured. Mrs Harmon will confirm receipt with you electronically.

All admissions are subject to our Admissions Policy.

Terms and Conditions